Vtubing and Streaming Quick Start

October 22, 2020
Mark Liu

This is a quick start guide to streaming on Twitch as a 2D vtuber for people who have never streamed before.


  • Know how to install programs through Steam
  • Have a webcam
  • Know how to do basic things like unzip files and install software

Setting Up Your Model

First you’ll need a Live2D model. If you don’t have one, you can use one of Live2D’s official sample models for testing. For this tutorial, I’ll use the Hiyori Momose model.

Here were the files inside after I extracted them.

Now you should install a face tracking application. There are a couple out there, but I currently recommend PrPrLive. Launch PrPrLive and hit the [ Live2D ] button, the one that looks like a person.

Then click the pink [ Load ] button.

Then navigate to the folder where you have your Live2D model. In that folder there should be a folder called runtime, and then a file that ends in “model3.json”. (Click the picture to see the bigger version.)

Now after you click [ Open ], an icon should appear with the name of your model.

Click that icon and your webcam should turn on and you will see your model on screen. By holding alt and using the scroll wheel, you can resize the model up and down. By holding alt and dragging, you can move your model.
If everything is working right, the model should copy your face movements.

Streaming on Twitch

Now I’ll show how to start streaming. Install OBS Studio but don’t launch it yet. Before launching it, we need to install the PrPrLive OBS Plugin. From inside PrPrLive, click the [ Video Streaming ] button. (If you launched it just now, just close it.) step8

Click [ Auto Install ] and acknowledge any dialogs that pop up.

Now launch OBS Studio. Click [ Next ].

Click [ Next ]. You can adjust these settings later.

Click [ Connect Account (recommended) ] and follow the on screen instructions to connect to your Twitch account. If you are using gmail and they email you a verification code, it might end up in your Promotions folder.

Click [ Apply Settings ]

You’ll be taken to a blank screen. I like to dock the stream-related windows to the left and right of the center window. You can do that by dragging those windows into their docking positions.

At the bottom, click the [ + ] in the Sources panel to add a source.

Select PrPrLive α\alpha-channel. If you do not see this option, try redoing the PrPrLive OBS Plugin step and restarting OBS Studio.

Click [ Ok ]

Click [ Ok ]

Now click [ Start Streaming ] and you’ll start broadcasting live on Twitch!

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